Consumer Equipment Leasing
  • Invested in early stage and grew company’s value 30 times

  • Merged with Keg Logistics in 2016

  • The combined company is a market leader in keg management services, leasing kegs to craft brewers across the US and UK. The company’s key solution is the lease-to-own model which provided their customers a pathway to ownership of their keg fleet, where they can control prior contents without any upfront capital outlay

  • Exit to Seaport Capital in 2017

Real Estate Development
  • Founded in 2016

  • Green Rock is in the business of developing and syndicating real estate development programs with a conservation option. Company’s activities include: land identification, land development, due diligence, product development, R&D, etc.

Real Estate Investment 
  • Spartan Invest together with Alabama Rental Property is a full-service, real estate investment firm specializing in real estate and residential rental properties that helps investors create passive income and wealth through ownership of turnkey rental properties

  • The Spartan family now sells over 300+ properties per year and has a portfolio of 1000+ properties under management. The group consists of six different entities and seven brands providing exceptional return with low volatility to investors

  • Ogre is a tech-enabled freight brokerage whose shipper-facing TMS business model and application are specifically designed for its customers and employees. Ogre is able to ship more goods in less time comparing to every other TMS on the market that are all "broker-facing TMS's." The company is the only platform on the market that allows shippers to utilize all three major service levels small parcel, LTL, and FTL).

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