Clayton Mobley

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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Clayton is a proven executive who achieved early success with a large multi-national industrial company before founding Spartan Value Investors. The Spartan family now consists of six different entities and seven brands providing exceptional return with low volatility to investors. Clayton brought the same intensity and focus to start Green Rock in 2017. Clayton created sustainable investment programs at Green Rock that align investors’ best interests with that of the company, while maintaining disciplined standards to preserving capital. Throughout his entire experience, Clayton has built 4 businesses with Total Enterprise Value exceeding $260 million. He also hired and developed 4 CEOs and 8 senior executives.

Robert Israel

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
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Robert brings vast experiences in operating businesses and achieving efficiency. He is currently on the board of Ogre Logistics providing guidance and strategic directions to the CEO and management team. He invested in Keg Logistics and grew the company’s value 30 times over the course of 3 years. While growing the business, Robert led the merger of Keg Logistics and Atlas Keg Company. The synergy created through the transaction was extremely accretive which led to another transaction with Seaport Capital a year later. 

Dan Nguyen

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Dan has vast experiences with investment banking and corporate venture capital. During his career, he has been involved with a number of transactions including sell-side M&A, IPO, and acquisition financing. In addition, Dan has a passion for healthcare investing and an appreciation for the complexities of the healthcare system. His wife is a pharmacist and his brother currently attends medical school to be an anesthesiologist. Dan has an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University.

Bill Nabors


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As COO for, his operational and financial expertise caught the eye of Green Rock where he became the interim CFO for a portfolio company in the mining industry. After restructuring their balance sheet and stabilizing cash flow, he was charged with deploying Green Rock Fund I ($7 million) and Fund II ($23 million). Bill possesses expertise in underwriting credit transactions for small and medium businesses. Bill has a Bachelor degree from Samford University.


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